Raptor Outreach

Available Programs

Owls of Eastern Washington - (All Ages)

This program introduces participants into the incredible world of owls and their adaptations. Learn about nocturnal habits, vision and auditory adaptions through the owls that inhabit our area.

Raptor Ecology - (All Ages)

This program looks at the rolls of different raptors in ecological systems including their ecology and adaptations.

Reading Raptors - (Pre K-2nd Grade)

Invite a raptor into your classroom to read a story about their wild friends. Our raptors will also share some special adaptations and life traits.

What You Receive With Your Raptor Program

Raptor outreach programs include two live raptors and educator to visit your facility with an interactive presentation. Programs are designed to increase awareness about wildlife as well as enhance classroom units on ecosystems, food webs, and adaptations. A free teacher packet on raptors in available that includes background information, vocabulary, and pre/post visit activities. A raptor trunk is also available to checkout for a fee of $10.

Contact and Fee Information

Raptor Outreach Programs are approximately one hour in length. The program fee is $75 ($30 for a second consecutive program) and travel charges may apply. Programs are limited to a maximum of 50 people.

To Schedule a raptor program please contact us:

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