The World Voice Outdoors Learning Center

Welcome to the all-new website for the The World Voice Outdoors Learning Center at where you can discover the many ways you can help to promote the wonder of our natural habitat in nature. You can share in looking after our fragile planet's ecosystem by getting involved in the many community, college and school projects that get people out into the great outdoors to learn about the world that we live in outside the concrete and steel urban monsters that are our cities.

The purpose of the Center is to give teachers and students an opportunity to have experiences in an outdoor setting while instilling an appreciation for fish, wildlife, and our natural resources. All activities relate to the World in general but are locally tied to the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements.

Animal Conservation

A big part of the work involves gaining a better understanding of animal conservation and the preservation of our natural wildlife in their original habitats.

For more information on how you can help protect our native wild animal species and also find out more about the ethical treatment of animals in captivity, please visit the PETA website.

Camping Awareness

recreation vehicleEvery year, millions of people set off on their annual vacation and a big proportion of those go camping in one form or another. From the simplest tents to massive luxury RVs, people have always had an affinity with getting back to nature and enjoying a simple vacation in the wide open spaces with the freedom to break camp and head off into the wild blue yonder as the mood takes them.

One aspect of this kind of open road vacation is also very appealing to those with physical disabilities who can benefit greatly from the wonderful experience of getting out onto the open road just like their able bodied counterparts in a specially adapted RV. There is a growing requirement for this kind of RV that is customized to include a motorized chairlift and wider access points throughout to make getting in, out and around much easier for a wheelchair user or someone who needs assisted mobility in some form.

You can get more information on these wheelchair accessible RVs at and all the different ways in which a person with disabilities can enjoy an RV vacation and get closer to nature too. Its a great way to experience the awesome open spaces of this great country!