Owl Boxes

barn owlCentennial Middle School students are working closely with a local owl expert, who is studying Barn Owl populations in the County. These students build Barn Owl nesting boxes at their school and then head out in the field to hang the boxes in various locations.

Barn Owls normally build their nests in the old wood barns which were once prevalent in our area. These older style barns are being replaced with newer steel barns so the Barn Owls are having a harder time finding places to build nests. In addition the Great Horned Owls numbers are increasing in Spokane County, and they are out competing the Barn Owl. Between these two variables the Barn Owls numbers are being threatened.

Students take GPS locations and turn them into maps displaying the Barn Owl Project. Students and teachers in our school district are helping the Barn Owl population in the area.