Service Learning

By providing extended learning facilities from outside the center we have been able to create a wider scope of education in outdoor and nature studies for all to enjoy and benefit greatly from.

Private Landowner Lends A Hand

The Center has been working with Paul Bryant, a private land owner just south of the area, who has provided his 322 acres for use as an outdoor classroom. Students in the West Valley School district will be traveling there throughout the year for environmental education.

They will be taking inventory of plant and wildlife species found on the property as well as monitoring water quality. Students will also be helping to devise a plan to eradicate invasive plants in compliance with the landowners wishes.

322 acres of private land in the Latah Creek Drainage south of Spokane designated for conservation and education

City School, Working for an Education

Each week, City School's Horticulture and Aquaculture student employees are visiting the Center to lend a hand. Aquaculture students assist in testing the water quality of our ponds to keep the trout happy. Horticulture students have been preparing the various plant beds for winter, as well as keeping up our compost bins.

The Center needs help with water quality in our ponds, compost pile building as well as various gardening activities. If you are interesting in volunteering these are some of the projects:

Contact us if you'd like to help